Decoding SEO Reselling: Everything You Need to Know

In this article, we will explore SEO reselling. It is easy to understand how the reselling business model generally works, especially with products. A business acquires finished products from a manufacturer—or another retailer—and sells them at a markup to a consumer—or another retailer. Resellers are like middlemen, helping to connect those who have products with those who want them.

But isn’t the process more complicated when the resold product is a service? When the resold service is so distinct, like SEO, don’t service providers need to work directly with clients to ensure that the services delivered are what clients want and need?

The answer is: SEO reselling is indeed more complex than the standard reselling business model, but not by much. If you are a business in need of SEO services, you might be interested in learning how SEO resellers work so you can partner with one ASAP.

First, Let’s Learn About White Label Services

Many marketing firms—and indeed, many types of businesses—opt to white label their services, which involves selling them to clients through other firms. White-label agencies tend to have exceedingly stripped-down sales, account management, and customer service departments, as these companies opt not to participate in lead generation or client management themselves. Instead, white-label firms sell their services to the clients of other companies, which often do not have

Using a white-label agency is not unlike outsourcing; it involves going outside of your firm to acquire services that your firm needs and wants. However, unlike traditional outsourcing, white label services are delivered to your clients, not necessarily to you, so it is even more imperative that you find a white label partner that can meet your standards for high-quality service. In some cases, white label providers interact directly with clients, typically using the contact information and branding of the agency they are partnered with, while in other cases, they communicate only with their partner agency. How you work with a white-label provider is up to you.

SEO Reselling and White Label SEO Are Essentially the Same

Most firms that engage in SEO reselling prefer the term white label SEO because it tends to sound a bit more respectable, but the practices are essentially indistinguishable. Some white-label providers will argue that their services are more comprehensive than mere reselling and that they work with digital marketers and their clients to develop a more robust SEO strategy, whereas SEO resellers may do the bare minimum of keyword research and on-page optimization. However, the reality is that, in most cases, white label SEO and SEO resellers are generally interchangeable titles, so you can search for either if you need third-party help with SEO services.

There Are Mutual Benefits to Reselling SEO

If you want to deliver high-quality SEO services to your digital marketing clients, you have two choices: assemble an in-house team of SEO experts or use an SEO reseller. There are advantages to both, but most agencies find that maintaining an in-house SEO team is more trouble than it is worth. Because SEO is one of the more complex practices in digital marketing, SEO specialists demand high salaries as well as expensive tools to deliver quality results to clients. Generally, it is much more cost-effective to outsource SEO to a white-label firm, which will charge only a fraction of their operating expenses.

And why would a white-label firm choose to do business in this way? Many SEO experts have little interest in building a business; they want to focus on the technical and creative aspects of their service. By eliminating lead generation and client management as responsibilities, they can devote more resources to the tasks they most enjoy.

In conclusion, SEO reselling is a viable business model for many industries—digital marketing included. If you are looking for ways to increase the number of services your digital marketing firm can offer to clients, you might research all the different types of resellers and white-label services available. Then again, if providing services is your passion, you might also consider transforming your company into a white-label agency yourself.

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