Top 5 Tips to Get More Google Reviews for Businesses in 2024


When choosing something online, the first thing we see are online reviews. This is because online reviews increase the credibility of any business.

There are plenty of review sites, but still, Google is at the top of that list. So you must be wondering how you can get more Google reviews.

Before the tips, you need to open an account on Google My Business to get reviews. If you haven’t set up your account, do it now. You can search for your company and direction on the map by typing the name in the search bar.

If there is no detailed information about your company, then write it. Google has an algorithm to link local businesses near you. Through this information and reviews, people may choose your company or product.

This is a simple thing to do. Follow these steps.

On Google My Business Page, click sign in.

There will be an option ‘to’verify your email.’ Click that.

Enter your email address.

You have received a code on the Google My Business verification page. Enter that code.

Click on verify’ in the email.

You can get help from the Google Chrome Helper.

Top 5 Tips to Get More Google Reviews

I think you are ready for tips. With these tips, you can get 5-star reviews in a very short time. Don’t buy Google 5-star reviews. The consequences will not be good. Though you can run Google ads for that, these are organic ways.

Here are the top 5 tips for you.

Google My Business Profile

The first impression is the last impression. In this case, it is necessary that your GMB profile looks good and the setup is well managed. Therefore, you include these things in your GMB profile.

Business Category

Business Description

Published Posts

Virtual Tours

You need to manage all these things in your GMB profile for better reviews. Also, you need the help of an SEO plugin and SEO to reach the maximum number of people. The more your content reaches the masses, the more chances there are to get more reviews.

Google Review Link

Every Google My Business profile is provided with a custom review link. And you have a share option for this. You can simply follow these steps.

First, you need to copy that link.

Next, add it to your email signature.

Then, forward the link to the existing and potential customers.

You can use your email to send the link.

Always remember to put the link in automation for follow-ups and reminders.You can reach the customers directly through this link. Share and ask them for reviews, and also ask for feedback. You can get more reviews through this process, which will help you rank better.

Reach Every Customer

You are already trying to reach every customer by sending them QR codes, offers, coupons, etc., but this is not enough. You need to promote your page link through the social media platform. You can do blogging for your website for more reach.

Ask each and every customer to visit your page and leave a review. When you are already providing good services and products, it is inevitable that you will get good reviews.It is the ultimate weapon you can use to outrank all your competitors.

Use Automated Campaigns

There are some automated campaigns that you can run. These campaigns can be messages or emails.For text message campaigns, you can use Twilio.For automated email campaigns, you can use ActiveCampaign.

You can send reminders to the customers to drop a review; you don’t need to do anything. For example, they will get an automated reminder after purchasing or visiting the website.

Now it is up to you, your service, and your product. If you can make a good impression on the customers, they will happily give you good reviews. But there are a few customers who will not give you reviews easily. So you need to work on that.

Attach the Link in Receipts

There is an option to put the Google review in the receipts. You can do this by programming. You can use social media marketing for more sales and attach your link later.Your customers will get the review link attached to the receipt every time they buy something. It is basically a call to action for dropping reviews with proof of purchase.

Other Tips to Follow

I have narrowed down the list to five. But there are a lot of tips and tricks to get more Google reviews. These are as follows:.

Prompting on social media is an excellent way to get more Google reviews. You can create posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms. Facebook ads are pretty good for asking for more reviews.

You can do a digital marketing campaign for your website to reach the masses.I have told you various ways to reach more people. But to get good reviews, you must provide outstanding service or products. That is how you can make a good impression on them.

There are so many customers who have no idea how to write Google reviews. In that case, you can tell them not only to give reviews but also how to write them.Engagement is important. Do not forget to thank the people who have already given reviews. This shows that you care for your customers.

To Conclude

If you are interested in these methods, reviews will come in no time. You have to be patient first.There are other ways to get reviews, such as by buying them. But this can harm your reputation, money, and, most importantly, your credibility.

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