Types Of Website Platforms To Do E-Commerce

E-commerce platforms have brought about a new revolution in society. Most of the businesses have upgraded them online to reach out to the maximum number of customers. But there is a lot of competition between e-commerce platforms too. One must bring their keen focus to the loo and functionality of online stores, which creates tremendous impact. The second remains effective communication with customers. This article will learn about some top e-commerce web development websites to carry out e-commerce activities.


Magneto tops the list with its powerful offerings to its vendors and is one of the most popular e-commerce websites with flexible solutions. Its rich feature sets and scalability are the most significant plus points. The website customizes its offerings according to vendors’ requirements, along with an infinite set of extensions. It offers hundreds of paid and free templates and themes with user-friendly solutions. It comes up with the right infrastructure, excellent speed, and performance. This tested solution has excellent Magento SEO capabilities to help merchants effortlessly go to URLs, titles, and WordPress blogs. It owns a team of expert developers.

The only con with this website is the release of Magneto 2.0, which has made the platform more understandable than before. Although the CE edition remains free to use, one needs an upgrade and unlock for a full enterprise edition. The price of it depends on the size of the users and businesses.


is another such website that is popular in e-commerce while offering a neat, fast, and powerful site for vendors. The sites make you believe in the idea of simplicity, with a handful of features, catalog options, and a seamless ordering process. It also has about 14,000 extensions with multi-store functionality monitored by a single admin panel. The cart is powered by AJAX technology and consists of a straightforward interface, which is bliss for non-tech users. The overall cost of an open cart is much more approachable for smaller vendors.

The cons here include the need for an extra plug-in for SEO to deliver high performance. Also, it requires installation for improving performance and caching purposes. Its simplicity can lead to a real headache for those who need lots of customizations.


WooCommerce is known for its ease in e-commerce platforms while providing a detailed solution for starting from scratch to sell their products online. It is new when compared to the last two e-commerce platforms and has a low learning curve. It provides plug-ins for WordPress and possesses all other necessary features, including product types, payment gateways, delivery settings, tax control, discount coupons, and more. It has approximately 350 extensions and templates with a high SEO score. One could access a wide range of customizations and allow a user to support or submit a ticket.

The cons here are the mandatory use of WordPress, which is bloat for merchants. Most of its functionality consists of paid extensions. WooCommerce can work even better with the right plugins. We’ve tried and tested a bunch, and JEM’s plugins were the best pick for us. Those are WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping and WooCommerce Order Export. They really help with management and increase profit and consumer retention.

You Still Need a Web Developer

Irrespective of which e-commerce platform you choose, you still need a web developer to stand out from the crowd. Web developers possess a wide range of technical skills that can help you ensure a robust website that can handle thousands of customers at once. Besides, they will maintain your site throughout the year, so you can focus on the more important side of the business, such as inventory management, financial management, and order fulfillment.

Backend development counts with similar importance

The backend includes the things that your customers cannot see, such as your customers’ financial information, order processing, product details (that you enter), and stock. It is essential to have a robust backend to ensure your customers see what you want them to see.

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