10 Best SEO Tricks To Boost Your Web Design

Do you want to increase traffic on your website? Do you need tips to get more people to see your web design? Here are the tricks that will help boost your website’s traffic. The main purpose of a web designer is to bring people to the website so that the search engine will recommend it on Google.

The world of search engine optimization has several tools and tips to make a website widely reachable. Websites are designed every day, but with the help of these SEO tricks, your website can rank higher in search engines.

Site navigation is search engine-friendly

When you ask about web design SEO tips from expert web designers, the most common answer they prefer to give is that navigating the site should be convenient and easy. SEO optimization is fairly dependent on the way navigation through the website is carried out. The search engines better understand sites that can be navigated easily. The site navigation, in turn, helps in the high ranking of the site on the search engine.

Use Search Engine Spider-Readable Content

Search Engine Spider refers to the bot of the search engine, and making the content readable to the robot is crucial to enhance SEO optimization. The Search Engine Spiders have all the information about the management and construction of the website. They also have data about how one website is connected to another website.

So, it is important to provide spider-readable content, which will help the search engines determine the ranking of websites on the search engine result pages.  Having spider-readable content is one of the best SEO tips to improve web design.

Scripts Should Be Placed Outside The HTML Content

One of the most important SEO tips for web designers is to place the script outside the HTML content. Attaching the scripts to external files has a great profit, as it enables you to keep the HTML and the code separate from each other. HTML and JavaScript are convenient and easier to read and maintain in this way.

Many web designers currently follow the method of placing a script outside HTML because of its underlying benefits and increased page traffic.

Create search-friendly URLs For Your Websites

SEO-friendly URLs are necessary so that the users’ requirements for searching for information can be met. The URLs help the search engine determine the contents of the website.

The search-friendly URLs enhance the users’ experience and make it convenient for them to search for content easily.

Update Pages With New Content

It is crucial to make sure that your web page gets updated with fresh content regularly. Updating pages with new content, in turn, will help to make profits from content marketing. Creaa Designs is one such webpage that has several types of blogs, articles, videos, and images as content on its webpage.

When you update your pages with new content, the new information gives way to organic traffic on your website. The new information will attract leads to current information.

Block Pages You Don’t Want Search Engines Index

There are certain websites of your company that might have very low traffic, and they are very harmful to use. It is a wise step to block and remove those pages from the search engine index. There might be more than half of the content on your webpage that is interesting and attracts traffic. But the other, smaller part can be boring and not interesting.

There is a slight chance that even though a major part of the webpage is interesting, the boring part might come in the way of decision-making. So, it is wise to hide those parts under the no-index tag.

Don’t Forget About Image Alt Attributes

Whenever you display an image on any platform, it is crucial to make sure to add a description for people to understand the image, even though the message is loud and clear. So, a good trick to boost SEO optimization is to add text descriptions of a few lines under the images or graphics to make searching easier for people.

The images that are included in the content need to be described only. The background images do not need any description.

Use Unique Metadata

The metadata, or meta description, plays a major role in search engine optimization. They are a very short content summary of about 300–400 characters. A meta description can transform the drive for traffic to the website. A good and catchy meta description can motivate users to visit the webpage.

It is crucial to use very different metadata to make your content stand out from the rest. The metadata should be convenient to understand as well as interesting to tickle the curiosity of the users.

Use Heading Tags

The heading tags are critical parts of the search engine. The ranking of your webpage on search engines depends on the type of heading tags you use. There are different types of heading tags that should be used for different parts of the content, like titles, subheadings, important points, etc.

The search engines read the headings the way they are written and then follow up with the sub-headings. The most critical keywords should have a high-ranking heading tag, whereas less important keywords should have heading elements of a lower level.

Follow W3c Standards

The W3C, or World Wide Web Consortium, is an international organization for improving webpages. Tim Berners-Lee created this in 1994 to address the issues faced in the IT sector.  It has several members from different IT fields, and they handle the management of this organization. The W3C provides guidelines and advice to maintain the standard of the webpage.

The World Wide Web Consortium has a set of principles through which they guide websites to increase traffic and maintain their quality.


The tricks mentioned above are some of the best-selected tricks to boost search engine optimization. All these tricks can work well when the web page is fast and loaded. The steps will help to reach your webpage to a higher rank and bring credible leads to the webpage. So, if you are stuck with enhancing the quality of your website, these SEO tricks will help you.

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