SD-WAN Security: A Beginners Guide

SD-WAN brings together software and cloud-based technologies to facilitate the delivery of WAN services across branch offices. Invest in SD-WAN security.
SD-WAN: A Brief Explainer

SD‐WAN brings together software and cloud‐based technologies to facilitate the delivery of WAN services across branch offices. This helps IT and business administrators implement Internet access easily, swiftly, and securely.

1. Why Do You Need to Invest in SD-WAN Security?

With SD-WAN, you can construct encrypted tunnels between every location in the network. This implies that the connection is as secure as a VPN without the need for a lengthy setup. What’s more, SD-WAN technology usually has encryption features built-in, which ensure that only authorized users can access the network.

Another key advantage is that an SD-WAN that has been developed with virtual overlays can permit the deployment of micro-segmentation outside of the data center. This means that traffic can be split according to application features and policies.

Finally, SD-WAN supports granular management and allows enterprises to advise networks about how particular types of traffic should be handled. This makes it significantly less probable that unwanted or destructive traffic will reach the network.

2. Find out More

If you are looking for an SD-WAN security solution for your firm, then you may find the below infographic from Paradyn to be a helpful resource. This helpful tutorial offers a jargon-free introduction to SD-WAN and sets out the various security benefits of this technology. It also walks you through some essential security recommendations and lays out crucial pitfalls to avoid.

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SD-WAN Security: A Beginners Guide

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