The Cloud Computing revolution

Mobile Internet and total cloud computing; the promise of a future that is increasingly present in the current technological reality, the fusion of mobility with always-present data, “in the cloud”…

It sounds so ethereal and delicate, but the truth is that of the total spending made by the global IT industry today, a quarter of that figure is invested in new models, systems and platforms based on the cloud, the new great business model. , also.

And the projections are the best, since it is estimated that in 2013 or, 2012+1 for some, this growth will exceed a third of the total global IT investment and that is a lot of money.

When seeing the magnitude of the growth figures of Cloud Computing, “the cloud”, in Spanish, it is absolutely clear that it is a great new business model, a new way of relating, of exchanging goods and services in a dynamic and virtual environment. competitive.

52% of the investment dedicated to cloud computing systems will be for business applications: Social networks, groups, communities, online marketing, relationships with suppliers, online payments, including taxes, which will undoubtedly be automatically discounted…

But it is not only because of the ability to establish commercial relationships, open markets and have the possibility of contacting each client almost completely individually or, possibly if it is just for that reason, which is enough, but the truth is that within the environment business and corporate, the opinion of users is that applying cloud logic to their organizations has allowed them to increase efficiency and optimization by a high percentage.

  • 70% of users claim that the cloud has simplified their IT processes
  • 72% of them also claim to have improved relationships with their clients
  • 73% have reduced their IT infrastructure costs.

With these growth figures, there is no doubt that the explosion of figures will be an upward trend, but even the cloud needs physical support, a machine, a hard drive, an operating system, storage capacity, data processing speeds… Up to date Today there are 50 million servers working around the world.

Many of them are still running individually, but mega data centers are also winning the competition; the Blade Runner industry… Physical facilities that in size can surpass large factories in other “heavy” productive sectors such as mining and cars.

The world currently has a total of 33,157 Data Centers spread around the world and of the total of 50 million installed units, 2 million of them are from Google.

And the trend is towards concentration, towards server virtualization, replacing the physical server with a piece of capacity that is rented to a large mega machine that is physically very far away.

It is estimated that the replacement ratio of physical servers with virtual machines in the cloud will occur at a ratio of 10 to 1.

Speaking in figures, the business model for the owners of large machines is a success, with a market currently valued at one hundred billion euros, with large players such as Google or Microsoft and others of smaller size.

Finally, all this great capacity of offer and services not only of storage and personal space on the network reaches users, who use the multiple platforms and services offered; from email, Facebook account, personal Twitter, to the increasingly powerful video…

To begin with,

  • 56% of Internet users in the world have a free email account based on web platforms such as Hotmail and Gmail.
  • 34% store personal photos online.
  • 29% regularly work with cloud-based applications, such as Google Docs and Photoshop online.
  • 7% store and publish their personal videos on the Internet.
  • 5% pay for information storage space and also 5% of users have an online backup of their data.



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