What does an iPhone’s SOS indicate, and how can it be fixed?

The SOS feature on the iPhone is designed to save you time while contacting contacts and emergency services.However, emergency services like the police, ambulance, and more should only be called in dire circumstances, so if you unintentionally dial the SOS number, you could find yourself in danger.Learn about SOS and why you should disable SOS on your iPhone by reading this blog to the end.

What does SOS on an iPhone mean?

SOS is nothing but a Morse Code distress signal.When service is absent, the SOS icon will show up where your cellular connection bars normally are—in the upper right corner of the screen on an iPhone.Your device is still capable of making emergency calls, even if the status bar displays “SOS” or “SOS only.”. Australia, Canada, and the United States can only use this feature.

Why is SOS showing on my iPhone?

When you see network signal strength in the upper-right corner of your iPhone, along with SOS, it is usually the result of an unstable network connection. Moreover, the following concerns could cause SOS to show up on the status bar :If there is an issue with your SIM card. Your iPhone is not set up to use Automatic Network Selection.

You are overseas and have not activated a roaming pack provided by your network operator or enabled data roaming on your device.

There may be disturbances related to your network provider.

Several AT&T customers were left in iPhone SOS mode after a recent outage. The iPhone displays an SOS indicator, and you cannot make or receive calls during a network outage.

The phone is still functional even when SOS mode suggests you do not have cellular coverage. Most contemporary phones support wi-fi internet surfing, texting, and calling.

Therefore, if your phone is linked to the internet by wi-fi, you can use it as normal.

While in SOS mode, your phone can only communicate with other phones connected to a wireless network.

best ways to fix SOS on iPhone

Check your Network Availability

Relocating within your carrier’s coverage area is the sole “fix” for “SOS sole,” as it is primarily a failsafe feature rather than an issue.

Get a different mobile plan or use your iPhone’s dual-SIM functionality if the notification keeps appearing.

Switch to airplane mode & get back.

Every now and again, your iPhone can appear in areas where you usually get a signal because it is “stuck” on the “SOS Only” alert.

iPhone airplane mode

From the top-right area of the Control Center, swipe down to turn the plane icon on or off.

Check your iPhone’s cellular settings.

Verify whether the cellular settings on your phone are set up correctly.

Your iPhone cannot connect to the correct network automatically if you have not turned on Automatic Network Selection.

The network to which your phone should connect must be explicitly chosen. This may occasionally cause problems, such as forcing your iOS phone into SOS mode.

To prevent these issues and guarantee the best possible connectivity, turn on your iPhone’s Automatic Network Selection feature.

Automatic Connect

Open the iPhone Settings app

Select Mobile Service/Cellular.

Select the network by tapping on it.

Here, confirm that the toggle for automatic is activated.

Switch Off Your Phone & Restart

To force your iPhone to reconnect to your network service provider, try rebooting it.

On the iPhone 15, how do you turn off SOS?

Turning off SOS on your iPhone is really easy.

Use Settings to turn off SOS on an iPhone.

The steps listed below can be used to disable emergency SOS on your iPhone through the Settings app if you would like.

Select the Emergency SOS after opening the Settings app on your iPhone.


Now, disable the options to make silent calls, hold and release calls, and five-button press calls.

Emergency SOS

Now you can deactivate SOS on your iOS phone.

To activate the SOS feature, follow the same instructions and select both selections.

Use Siri to turn off SOS on an iPhone.

The most effective method for disabling the SOS function on your iPhone is to use Siri if you prefer spoken instructions.

You will be happy to learn that the Siri app allows you to disable SOS on your iPhone. Even a novice can disable this feature because it is so easy to use.

Follow the below steps to do it.

SOS on iOS Phone

Initially, you must say “Hey Siri” or press and hold the side button. Then, it activates Siri on your device.

“Turn off Emergency SOS,” you say now.

Siri will quickly verify that you have removed this feature from your iPhone.

You must know that if you disable this option, you cannot use it in an emergency.

Consider it again before turning it off on your device.

If you cannot turn off SOS using the mentioned techniques, your iPhone may have a few glitches.

How can I configure my iPhone to make emergency calls?

Check for the Emergency SOS slider and hold down one of the volume buttons and the side button.

To contact emergency services, drag the Emergency Call slider.

A countdown will begin with a sound alert if you keep holding down the side and volume keys instead of moving the slider.

Key Takeaways

Emergency SOS and SOS displayed in the status bar on an iPhone are two distinct things. You can rapidly request assistance from your emergency contacts by using Emergency SOS. SOS, on the other hand, on the status bar denotes problems with the network connection.

Your iPhone can only communicate with emergency services over the cellular network when it is in SOS mode, which is essentially a means to inform you that you do not have a working cellular connection.

The top few techniques for turning off SOS on an iPhone have been discussed.

We hope this article has helped you understand why your iPhone only displays SOS and enabled you to resume normal activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can I turn off SOS to avoid my iPhone contacting emergency services automatically?

Open the Settings App, choose Emergency SOS, and then turn off the toggles for Call with Hold and Release.

Call with five button presses, quietly on, and call after a severe crash.

Q2: Is it possible to personalise how my iPhone places emergency calls?

You can personalise your emergency calls by opening the Settings app. Choose Emergency SOS and change options like Auto Call and Call with Hold.

Q3: Why does my phone stay in SOS mode all the time?

Accidental button presses, hardware or software malfunctions, network or carrier-related issues, emergency SOS settings, or software modifications could all cause your phone to be in SOS mode all the time.

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