How Live Chat Software Can Help Grow Your Business

The world of business is in flux. While the traditional marketing approach was centered on the 4 P’s—product, price, place, and promotion—another new dimension has been added: speed. If you are quick to respond, you can convert a lead into a sale. If you sit over a lead, they are likely to choose your competitors. This is where businesses are increasingly embracing tools and technologies that enable them to offer faster responses and serve their customers better.

Live chat software is one of the tools being quickly adopted by businesses to stay ahead of the competition. It allows businesses to cater to the needs of their customers 24×7 without having to hire a dedicated team. Let us look at some statistics that offer an explanation on the popularity of chat software and how businesses are leveraging them Businesses using live chat software see close to 38% increase in conversion rates Chat software increases customer satisfaction by 82% more than email support, apps and social media engagement

1.79% businesses report positive impact on sales, revenue and customer loyalty using live chat software

2. More than 50% first-time customers stick to a business that has live chat support

3. More than 40% customers prefer live chat over other channels of communication

Benefits of Live Chat Software

The statistics above shed light on the increased implementation of live chat services among businesses. But what are the tangible benefits you are likely to see with the implementation of live chat software? Here are some benefits you can’t ignore Instant Response Chat software lets you respond to your customers as and when they are in need of help. It can be while you are sleeping or when your office is closed for the weekend. Live chat software keeps your business operational 24×7 and 365 days a year.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

Higher levels of customer satisfaction can boost growth. And customer satisfaction is often linked to how fast your team responds to the queries of existing and future customers. While an average business takes about 17 hours to respond to an email query or 10 hours on social media, live chat offers real-time answers to most queries customers have.

Knowing Customer’s Problems

As a business, you need to constantly work towards resolving the problems of your customers. It all starts with having a good idea about their pain points. What issues are they facing with your products and services? What kind of improvements are they looking for? Are they planning to end their association with your business? Chat tools allow you to get to know your customers better and also address the problems they have with your brand.

Cost Effective

Finally, you can achieve all that without having to employ several heads on the payroll. As a business, you will be able to cut down on costs substantially with chat software. You can subscribe to these services at a fraction of the cost you are likely to incur operating other channels of communication.

If you are running your business without live chat software, you are ceding space to your rivals. Choose chat software that helps you communicate with your customers in real-time and grow your business over the course of time.

The Best Live Chat Software Solutions

Drift Drift is the world’s leading conversational marketing and sales platform that helps businesses automate sales processes by adding live chat windows to websites for increased customer experience and loyalty.

Key features include chatbots, customizable branding, canned responses, geo-targeting, offline access, screen sharing, third-party integration, website visitor tracking, proactive chat, and transfers and routing.

Located in United States

Drift Pricing: Drift pricing starts at $50.00 per month. There is a free version. Drift offers a free trial.

Live Person

Live Person was founded in 1995 and headquartered in New York, United States. Live Person is the industry leader in live chat and messaging solutions that increase sales and improve customer care for businesses of all sizes.

The Live Person Live Chat platform features AI-powered messaging that enables users to manage transactions through SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook.


Intercom is a Conversational Relationship Platform (CRP), founded in 2011. Intercom helps users build better customer relationships through personalized, messenger-based experiences across the customer journey. The world’s most successful companies, like Atlassian, Shopify, and New Relic, use Intercom to deliver conversational customer experiences through chat, bots, and personalized messaging. Intercom Pricing: Intercom pricing starts at $39.00 per month and offers a free trial.

Click Desk

Click Desk is a web-based solution that provides live chat through a help desk, social media integration, mobile access, and reporting. Click Desk was founded in 2011, and this is a customer satisfaction tool for all businesses that helps with reporting, mobile applications, social media integration, video chat, live chat, and more. Over 100,000 businesses all around the world have been using Click Desk to boost customer support and drive sales for their web-based businesses.

Live HelpNow

Live help now, founded in 2003, is a configurable live chat and/or help desk platform featuring: Live Chat with SMS Text integration, Support Ticket Email Management, a knowledge base, Call management and Facebook messenger integration

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