Snapchat Plus planets: Meaning and Solar System Order Explained

With the rapid advancement of social media, most apps fulfil the need for constant excitement. Snapchat Planets is also a global digital amusement app that encourages social interaction.

You can download it on iOS as well as Android.

Users can upload their videos or photos, called Snaps.

These snaps will disappear after some time.

In this article, you will learn more about Snapchat Planets, including their meanings and arrangements.

About Snapchat Planets:

Snapchat offers a premium, subscription-based version called Snapchat Planet Order Plus.Snapchat Plus is a great tool to improve the user experience.This feature allows you to surround yourself with eight of your closest friends, just as the planets in our solar system revolve around the Sun. You can provide your eight closest friends with eight planet spaces on Snapchat.Each planet has its own visual elements with hearts. For instance, you are the closest person in your friend’s circle if given the Mercury planet.

Assuming you use Snapchat, you have probably noticed two lists of friends: “Friends” and “The Best Friend.”Those listed as your best friends on Snapchat are the people you cherish the most and are closest to. The updated version comes with additional features like the ability to choose up to eight of your closest friends for ghost trials, a rewatch count for stories, and customizable chat wallpapers.

Snapchat Plus planets order with pictures (2024)

Snapchat Plus Planet gives a rich user interface of Snapchat with innovative features using the visual of a solar system.

It can be tricky to distinguish between planets since the Snapchat Plus Friend moji merely shows pictures of the planets without naming or locating them Examine the detailed list of all the planets in the correct order, together with the supporting images.


If Mercury is your sign, you are your friend’s closest friend. Mercury in the Snapchat Plus solar system appears as a pink planet enveloped by red hearts.


If Venus is your sign, you are the second-best friend on your Snapchat friend list. In the Snapchat Plus solar system, the beige planet Venus is encircled by pink, yellow, and blue heart symbols.


If Earth is assigned to you, you are your friend’s third-best friend. The earth is green and blue, with covered red heart symbols and a near moon.


If assigned Mars, you are your friend’s fourth best friend on Snapchat. Mars is shown as a red planet encircled by pink and blue heart symbols in the Snapchat Plus Solar System.


If you receive Jupiter, you will be your friend’s fifth-best friend. In the solar system (Snapchat Plus), Jupiter looks like an orange planet wrapped by pink, blue, and yellow star signs.


You are the sixth-best friend on your Snapchat friend list if the planet Saturn is your assigned sign. Saturn in the Snapchat Plus solar system appears as a yellow planet encircled by a golden ring. It is also enclosed by pink, blue, and yellow stars.


If Uranus is your sign, you rank as your friend’s seventh-best friend. Uranus is a green planet with yellow stars around it in the solar system depicted in Snapchat Plus.


In the list of your Snapchat friends, you are the eighth-best buddy if you are paired with the planet Neptune. Neptune is a blue planet surrounded by blue stars in the Snapchat Plus solar system.

Why is the solar system not visible on Snapchat?

To access the solar system of Snapchat’s friends, you must be a Snapchat Plus subscriber.Snapchat Solar systemSnapchat launched the Plus plan to improve the fun factor of the service.The subscription includes fantastic features, like Planets and the Friends Solar System.

Snapchat plus planets

snapchat plus planets Snapchat’s planet describes the connection of friendship with other Snapchat users.It resembles the Solar system, where eight planets revolve around the Sun.As per the planets’ order on Snapchat, you are the Sun. The planet closest to you is the one you interact with the most.You will see the Friends/Beast Friends badge if you open your friends’ friendship profiles.By tapping the badge, you can find out what planet you are on in your friend’s solar system.

snapchat plus

Snapchat Plus planets order.

Mercury: Mercury depicts the most immediate best friend.

Venus—Venus represents the second-closest best friend.

Earth—Earth is the third-best buddy nearest to us.

Mars: Mars symbolises the 4th closest best friend.

Jupiter: Jupiter defines the 5th closest best friend.

Saturn: Saturn denotes the 6th closest best friend.

Uranus: Uranus represents your seventh-closest best friend.

Neptune: Neptune denotes the 8th closest best friend.

Friend solar system Snapchat Planet is not working

Snapchat’s solar system could not work if you visit your closest friends’ accounts and do not notice a gold ring around their friend status.

It could be a subscription expiration or not being a close friend.

To see Friend Solar Systems, both you and your friend need to have a connected bitmoji.

It could also happen if Snapchat keeps crashing.

It usually happens more on iPhones compared to Android.

How do you resolve this issue if Snapchat is not working?

Clear the Snapchat Relaunch Snapchat App. Restart your phone


With an extensive worldwide user base, Snapchat is one of the most significant social media platforms.The software now rates friendships using planets.To use this function, you should purchase a Snapchat Plus membership.We hope you now better understand the Friends Solar System’s Snapchat planets and what they stand for.


What does Snapchat Plus’s Planet symbol mean?

It is one way to view the list of your closest friends on Snapchat.

Who are Snapchat’s best friends?

The Snapchat user you have the most snaps and conversations with for a continuous week becomes your closest friend on the app and is given the Mercury planet.

Which is the last planet in the Snapchat Solar System?

Neptune is the last planet, ranking eighth in the Snapchat Planets Order. It is blue in colour.

If the Planet Order system assigns you to planet Neptune, or eighth place, you are ranked eighth on your friend list.

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